Taping Treller Wins!

  • August 20, 2015


Last night the Baltimore 48HFP 2015 held their best of screening and award ceremony.  There were a ton of great films, and Plan R was fortunate enough to take home both Best Writing and Best Film 2015!!!


Oh, and if you’re wondering about that cool dude in the middle, its a glass trophy blown specifically for the city winner by the festival director’s brother!  So cool.


As a result, we will be representing the city of Baltimore in two additional festivals:


The culmination of each city winner, as we go head to head!  Over 150 cities from around the world will be represented, and Plan R will be showing up for Baltimore.  We found out this will happen next year in Atlanta, GA.


The 12 New England city winners get the special honor of screening for a single coveted slot in Cannes!!  Go Plan R!  Takes place September 24-27 2015 in Dover VT.