48 Hour Films

Flamingo Moon

Bill is dealing with some stuff up there in, Flamingo Moon. Developed for the Baltimore 48HFP 2016.

The Last Breakfast

No more going through the motions. Developed for the DC 48HFP 2016.

Second Chance

If the earth were dying, would you take your second chance? Developed for the New Haven 48 HFP 2015. * Winner Best Music * Winner Best Special Effects *

Taping Treller

An introspective piece on a fascinating individual - Developed for the Baltimore 48 HFP 2015. *Winner Best Film * Best Writing *

Witches Brew

Happy hour meets witching hour - in this new comedy from Plan R Films. Developed for the DC 48 HFP 2015. *Included in the best of DC*

CSH 159

The effects of war and loss hit home in this drama. Developed for the New Haven 48 HFP 2014. * Winner Best Sound Design * 2nd Runner Up Best Film *

The Curiosity

A man's past begins to catch up with him in this thriller from Plan R. Developed for the DC 48 HFP 2014.